The Perfect Winter Cap from Novara


These three hats combined into one from Novara

Like a reduction in cooking, the new winter cycling cap from REI thickens and intensifies the ingredients from three hats into one.

REI hat

The perfect winter cap from Novara

A rain-blocking brim style like a racing cap, old-school ear flaps from one made of merino wool, and thin, warm Italian fabric. I’d like to think Bike Hugger had some influence on this hat; ensuring it fits under a helmet, isn’t too hot, and will survive repeated wash and dry cycles. Also that the ear flaps are flippable and it doesn’t lose its shape. I’ve been chatting up product managers about this hat for years and Novara finally made it.

It’s perfect for the purpose and costs $24.50. Still on injured reserve, I spent the weekend riding in Rapha kit and wearing this cap.

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