The Older You Are, the More Important the Results

We’re in Bend again for Masters Nationals and today it was the Time Trial, where the older you are, the more important the results.


Like Aliens checking their shuttle lift-off times

We also saw athletes absolutely burying themselves to prove they still can.

Burying themselves for a sport they love, no matter how old or in what shape

When you’ve race for more than a few decades, you learn how to pin on a race number.

pin job

Best pin job we’ve seen

Place you on the road tech

USA Cycling has deployed new tech at the reaches that parses bib numbers and RFID tag, with time codes to place racers on the road and provide video memories. Here’s a shot of their editing screen. The technology is called Adrover and is provided the Adscope Media. That means, they could spot a particular racers and run ads related to his team too.

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