The new Campagnolo Ergopower shape: Good or Bad?

Veloce%20Ergopower.jpg While I was down in Hayward CA visiting Bianchi, I got a chance to fondle the new Campagnolo Ergopower for Veloce. I didn’t actually get to ride it, but I can tell straight off if I’m gonna like a handlebar or hood. I’m not a Campagnolo fan at heart, but I gotta tell ya…I kinda like the new lever. It felt good in my hands. However, I keep hearing a lot of unkind words about the aesthetics. What’s your judgement: enlightened functionality or just plain hideous?

Mono-Q.jpg The new Campag Veloce is seen on this all-new 2009 Bianchi 928 Mono-Q, a more affordable, full-carbon race bike. I’m also not a big fan of black finish on aluminium components (calipers and other bits), but the all-black Veloce looks right on the Mono-Q.

Incidentally, Veloce is still 10sp while Chorus, Record, and Super Record are 11sp.

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