The Lost Bikes of Oahu

Despite the proximity of Oahu to the Big Island–home of Kona and the Ironman–and the constantly-beautiful weather here, biking is not big in Honolulu or any of the more rural parts of the island.

Up on the north shore the Surfboard is king, and the occasional bike stays primarily to the paths. The roads here have very narrow shoulders and no real accommodations for road riders.

Even rental bikes lay fallow here. This sad-looking collection chained up to a fence are yearning to go out for a ride but alas stay roped down, without a Japanese or American tourist even glancing at them.

This island is a perfect example of infrastructure done wrong for pedestrian and cycling access. Despite the big-ass mountain in the middle of the island, the weather in Honolulu is vastly better than that of Portland or Seattle and the number of cyclists on the roads is down near zero.

Meanwhile, driving anywhere on H1 around 4 PM on a work day is darned near impossible thanks to all the gridlock.

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