The Interbike Tension Mounts

Behind the stacks you glimpse an axe The tension mounts you score an ounce Ole!

Granted quoting that line from Uncle Albert may make me further realize how old I am, like watching Tim on Project Runway explain to Blayne who Sergeant Pepper is. Anywho, it’s that time of year when the press releases, hype, party planning, leaks, and news starts to happen about Interbike. Of course, we’ll bring our coverage with more hugganess than ever. I’ll spare you the press releases here and post the better ones on our Interbike specific blog. Like this Macaframa video I just spotted … .


I’ve been sick most of this week and missed the Kona media event and Trekworld, but we’ll catch up with them on the show floor in Vegas. Next week we’re at the USPRO Championships to blog and hang out with Hincapie Sportswear.

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