The Connection between brake calipers and expensive swim flippers


Ted Ciamillo is the guy behind Zero G brakes, but apparently, he is something of a nutty professor, designing some crazy ass stuff. Take these Lunocet carbon fibre swim fins…oops, I meant “Biomimetic Propulsion System”. For a mere $1150, you can clip some cycling shoes into a monofin and pretend to be The Man from Atlantis.

Checking out some of the links from the sites gives the impression of some sort of nutjob futurist aquatic utopian cult. I can’t decide if they’re serious or if this is all some sort of put-on.

The holy grail of using the Lunocet is to be able to breach the water surface, ie propel one’s body out of the water. But it seems to me that synchronized swimmers could do a better job of repeatedly propelling a large portion of one’s body out of the water and having big ass flippers means that you’ll get tired way quick.

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