The Competition Bicycle

Moser on the cover

Jan Heine’s new book is shipping at the end of this month and pre-ordering now on for $31.26.

The Competition Bicycle will inspire cyclists and design lovers alike. The evocative, detail-rich photographs display the history of the bicycle, from racing high-wheelers to modern racing bikes with carbon-fiber disc wheels. Exceptional handcrafted machines ridden by great champions illustrate milestones in the mechanics and craftsmanship of bicycle design.

Why helmets were invented

The book chronicles our instinct to race and the machines we built to go faster, including penny-farthings and the modern, carbon frame.

Like a pentagram frame

It’s been a while since Jan and I have debated 650bs and 6 speeds, which were the new old thing 2 years ago. I see him occasionally dropping off copies of the Bicycle Quarterly at Mark V’s shop.

Like the messengers after them, paperboys delivered papers on bikes like this

Congratulations are deserved for getting the book out and then we’ll get right to the questions about tire pressure and his choices on what bikes to include in the book.

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