The 7th Mobile Social Interbike

Left from the Sands

Departed from the Sands

The 7th edition of the Mobile Social Interbike was like all of them so far, a rolling bike bacchanal on the Strip. We rode to Fremont again, parked in the Alley behind the Downtown Cocktail Room where New Belgium served us beer, and picked up locals along the way at every stoplight. While the music played from the Green Guru chariot, photos were taken by us, tourists, and motorists.


Taking photos of people taking photos

Knog lights were flashing on Terns too while big-wheels pedaled. Posted earlier on the surfing and so cool that Santa showed up. Next year with Interbike moving to Mandalay, were not sure yet how we’ll ride the 8th edition, but will talk about that next Summer.

The 7 editions have all been good with each one better. We even made the local Vegas culture weekly.

big wheels

Big Wheels

Photos: iBikeMPLS from Flickr.

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