Team I Told You So – Johan Jumps to Lance’s Ship

2009 Tour Down Under - Stage Six

For the last few months I’ve been telling just about anyone who’ll listen that Lance’s return to the Tour was designed not to win the race, but to help launch his yet unannounced domestic racing squad. My mailman and the guy who mows my lawn are getting really sick of hearing me talk about this.

Today we moved closer to me getting to officially say that I’ve been right all along with the news that Johan Bruyneel will be leaving Team Astana after 2009. Citing Vino’s dope-fueled return to the team, and the sponsor’s lack of payments Bruyneel is taking a walk.

No surprises there.

As pointed out, Lance’s most recent tweet indicates that there’s a big announcement about a new American team coming on Thursday. (The article also has the funniest fake translation of a press conference I’ve ever seen, well worth the read.)

BikeRumor says that the team will be funded by Oracle (I was betting on Nike Livestrong, so I’m not completely perfect in my predictions) and we’ll know more on Thursday

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