Taiwan Cycling and Cultural Tour

Mark V is joining a Taiwan Cycling and Cultural Tour the day after Interbike. In the few years we’ve traveled, ridden, and blogged Taiwan, it has become a bike country.


Cycling is the national pastime and they’re working now on promoting the country as a cycling destination. We’re happy to help! The tour itinerary includes:

  1. Sun Moon Lake, Round the Lake Road
  2. Poet’s Aria Taroko
  3. Dongfong Green Green Passage
  4. Guanshan, Taitung County
  5. Taipei Guandu Left Bank of Bali.

Blogging Taipei by Bike While on the trip, I’ve asked Mark to watch out for dogs in shoes, bring back a crazy small folding bike, and enjoy a Hello Kitty Pie. Also obey the traffic robots and get some Pizza Cut Five shirts.

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