Taiwan 2009: How many Giants can you fit?

>Taitung bike packing 2.jpg

On the organized ride series of Let’s Bike Taiwan 2009, literally all the bikes except for one or two (mine being one) are provided by Giant Bicycles. I don’t know the exact number, but it’s somewhere between 100 and 200. How do they get all those bikes to the five rides (we did 2), each in a different area of Taiwan? By means of some of the most amazingly efficient packing I’ve ever seen.

It seems that they made a layer of bicycles in the van and then laid a double layer of cardboard directly on top of the bikes to create a second story. I couldn’t believe the pack density of bikes.

Taitung bike packing 1.jpg

Taitung bike packing 3.jpg

Taitung bike packing 4.jpg

Taitung bike packing 5.jpg

Taitung bike packing 6.jpg

Taitung bike packing 7.jpg

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