Taiwan 2009: Descending Yamingshan Mtn

Fellow Taiwan 2009 attendee Saam Gabbay pulled this still from a AVI video of us descending Yamingshan Mountain outside of Taipei. Bike Huggers at speed! Note that I’m descending on my nutty Davidson BMX bike. That was one STEEP road climb.

Yangmingshan mtn.jpg

10km past the summit we checked into the Tien Lai hot springs resort. And then another decadent Chinese dinner, followed by hot springs. Too tired to describe the experience properly…this hotel is freaking sweet. Check back later for a longer description….maybe with the video of this still.

Yamingshan BMX.jpg
Below, Cyclelicious and me before the ascent. I don’t know about the others, but that mountain was a lot steeper than I expected. I climbed about 75% or more out of the saddle.

Yamingshan before.jpg

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