SXSW: Change the World, Lives, with Bikes

We’ll announce all the details of what we’re doing in 2010 with the Mobile Socials and more in the new year. For this week, the news is that Bike Hugger and Livestrong CEO Doug Ulman are talking together at SXSW about changing the world, lives, with bikes and Social Media:

This core conversation will talk about how cycling, the bike, and social media are changing the world and lives. You’ll learn about Livestrong’s community and Bike Hugger’s blog, events like the Mobile Social, and the millions who follow Lance Armstrong on Twitter. It’s a discussion of bikes, pop culture, and socializing the good with these Interweb tools.


A split in the group during the 2008 Mobile Social

A month earlier @FITC, I’m giving a similar talk. Hosting a bike culture panel during the Seattle Bike Expo too.

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