SXSW 13: Mobile Social Photos

MoSo 13 Bike Lane Ends

Where the Bike Lane Ends

The 7th annual Mobile Social SXSW 13 was held on Saturday under stormy skies near where the bike lane ends in Austin. The weather tempered the turnout and that meant everyone got into the Chevy Tweethouse to party with us after the ride. I heard we went through 7 or 8 kegs and all the BBQ you could eat.

Moso 13 2

Ride Start

To avoid the weather and get back for the beer and food, we rode a quick route around the university, buzzed the capital, and back to Mellow Johnnys. Fast Folks were there, regulars, and old friends.

Fast Folks

A Fast Folk

Fixie Crew

See these two every year

Stormed the Capital

Our route this year stormed the Capital

Thanks for coming out and join us next year for the 8th one.

The rest of the ride photos are available in high rez on G+ and Flickr.

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