Sutro is Smooth on Kickstarter

At night

After a year in the making, the Sutro debuted yesterday at Saturday’s Mobile Social ride in Austin, Texas during SXSW. It’s available now on Kickstarter for a limited time at a special price with swag.  

  • Illustrator Hugh D’Andrade has designed a poster and Tshirt to commemorate the launch. 

  • Limited edition sticker-postcards, signed prints

  • Spoke Cards for Mobile Social attendees

Spoke cards

First Impressions

  Besides the hotness and they built up a track bike with Alfine, I tweeted this:

 Best described as smooth. It’a a bike like butter. Rolls over everything. Balanced front and back with the Alfine hub.

It’s smoother than butter, like a melted pat of it sizzling a bit in a sauté pan. Also for a guy into the high-end Ti/carbon, the Sutro reminds me where and why steel is real and relevant. On bumpy, choppy roads like Austin, other materials bounce you around. Not this bike. 

The Sutro is smooth. 

After spending more time on it, testing the seals, in rainy weather, I’ll post on the technical details like the j-Tek shifter. 


‘till then, check the Sutro on Kickstarter.

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