Support your Local Bike Shop this season

The economy sucks and everyone is trying to save a buck here and there. I’ve talked with a couple different small bike shop owners lately and the impact has been huge – like maybe forced to go out of business huge.

I’m not sure how many of you see your LBS owners driving their Jaguars around town (none), but I can tell you it’s the rare shop owner that makes a truly solid living from the venture. It’s a labor of love. A love that we all share – so stop in and pick up that item that is $5 cheaper on from your LBS. Get your loved ones stocking stuffers from the shop (hats/socks/walking lights) even if they aren’t riders themselves. You’ll appreciate it when there’s a shop to go to when you need that brake cable at 6pm the night before your next century ride.

Shop owners: Am I wrong? Are you all pulling in the 6 figure take home incomes?

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