Super Relax Kit For All

jersey11.jpg.jpegA few months ago I was out at the Oregon Manifest checking out everything good and biketastic there, when my friend Otis introduced me to the Super Relax team. They’re a group of cycling fans and ‘cross racers with one of the nicest ethic around. Cool guys avoiding the corporate logo-fest that is the average bike racer. As their site says, “No logos. No sponsors. No attitude. Just Rainbows and Talking Acorns. Yeah. Talking Acorns.” You can’t beat that as a mantra.

I fell in love with their jerseys, which were only available for the teammates, until scores of their Flickr fans started to beg for their own kits.

Bowing to public pressure, the Super Relax kit is now available on pre-order to the general public. Jerseys, arm warmers, hats, jackets, vests and even a pair of Converse with the logos. Even if you don’t ride ‘cross in PDX, you can Super Relax in style. Order your gear now, while you still can.

And if you get super-duper into the Super Relax theme, have the good folks at Sweetpea craft you a one-off Super Relax bike.

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