‘Sup with the Blue Beanie?

bluebeanie_avatar.png The Blue Beanie on our Twitter avatar, and you’re likely seeing elsewhere on the Interwebs, represents International Blue Beanie day. We’ve got our blue beanie on early for our colleague Jeffrey Zeldman and in support of Web Standards. The day itself is Monday, November 30th, 2009.

Fans of Web Standards also don blue beanies and upload them to a group pool on Flickr like this future fanboi did.

Future Fanboi

As I wrote in my review of Zeldman’s book, Designing With Web Standards, back in the day it was a battle.

Have you been to a website or blog lately that looked like crap in one browser and not in another? Unlikely and all that standardized code is being read just fine by iPhones, Google phones, and the next whatever mobile device.

Much of what is consumed online these days, why all these new microblogging apps work so well, is because of Web Standards and the hard work many of us put in. If you’re blogging or tweeting you’re using Web Standards. Those of us that are really into Web Standards and making the web work, don the beanie to represent the cause.

Many of you rode with us during the Mobile Social @ An Event Apart, a web design conference produced by Zeldman, Eric Meyer and others.

AEA is coming back to Seattle in 2010 …


Today’s the day of the Blue Beanie.

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