Summertime and the Living is Easy in Park City


Hooping to the music

We’re in Park City to mountain bike in the only IMBA Gold Level Ride Center today. I’m packing Google Glass in a Camelback for POV, hands-free recording of the trails. Being a Gold Level ride center means

The sheer miles of trails are fantastic, but what’s really important is that they function as a cohesive network, with signage and trail connections that create a model riding area.

Also a very livable city with lodging and dining at a world-class resort. After getting our legs at elevation riding through Round Valley and Matts Flats, we enjoyed a concert at the Deer Valley Music Festival. That’s where it seems all of Park City comes out to have a picnic and the children dance while women hoop to the music.

Here’s the view from the Montage and some trails where we’ll ride tomorrow. Today it’s the Mid-Mountain Trail.

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