Suffer Faces at CrossVegas

Suffer Faces – There is no rational explanation for sports except that for millennia humans have worked hard to be able to work less and there’s something about the primal spirit of man (and woman) that has been lessened when we replaced a bison hunt with a trip to Target’s “food” section.

Racing is hard. It hurts. It reminds us though not that life is suffering, but that if you suffer enough there will be victory, glory and survival of your species. Racing is being alive.

Suffer Faces is our celebration of the human spirit. It’s our collection of images of people pushing themselves for a collection of points in a local race series because it feels so good to hurt. It’s our celebration of the triumph of the spirit over the deep desire to hurl one’s breakfast on the top tube.

These are our Suffer Faces and you’ll see them at CrossVegas next.

Until then, may we suggest your browse our hundreds of blogs posts about Cross dating back to 2006. Also get tips in the Vault of Cross Knowledge.

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