Strava’d Out

Simon New

More segments than miles

When there are more segments on a route than miles, Strava is played out. A UI that brilliantly renders ride data is lost to the gamification of cycling. Segments are self-quantified expression in a virtual race, a prosthetic cultural happening updated with each upload. Simon Masters was out riding and introduced himself to others on the route. The response

I know you, you’re the KOM of….

He is? Here’s a new game, find a route that hasn’t been strava’d, ride it, and commit it to memory. If in a sharing mood upload the KML to Google, like this or this. And remember, at stoplights, the Garmins shut off.

Ren Ren

Biggest lens wins, right?

Strava is like tourists with DSLRs. Who’s got the biggest one or really the best shot?

Photo: Ren Ren.

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