Stevil Kinevil has left the building

stevil.jpgStevil Kinevil, a Minister of Misinformation, and oddball blogger behind Guys Who Cut Their Own Hair and How To Avoid The Bummer Life has left the Swobo building and is now in another building (or cardboard box) publishing All Hail the Blackmarket.

More Stevil Less Kinevil?

What does that mean? Has Swobo dicked the blogosphere? Returned to their way old ways of ship whenever or backorder and sucked the life out a good blog? Has the man shut Stevil down?

Don’t know, just hadn’t said

SWOBO: ship whenever or backorder

in an long time. Cause see, back before Swobo was urban and street, they didn’t do so good on the fulfillment part of retail. Now they’re into protesting water bottles and, as shown here, do have goods in bike shops. Pam likes packing sandwiches in her Swobo jersey.

We’ve invited Stevil to MC the Mobile Social Interbike – seems fitting and let’s see if he’ll do it. We also invited Style Man because he dissed Bicycling in an article and they ran it, which was awesome (they didn’t know they ran it), but then they replaced Style Man with Bike Snob, an anon blogger who “skewers” the industry. We don’t need to get into that yin and yang – let the bike universe balance itself.

Stevil we love you because you do it for the chicks and gave us Fat Guy Spandex, who becomes even more internet famous by the minute.


BTW, later today, we’ll hang out with Jennifer from Hincapie Sportswear who shot that photo.

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