Starfuckers Steel Era


Nice wood floor too

If we made a steel fixed gear project bike, it’d likely resemble this from Starfuckers. Note the horizontal dropout with hanger, like the one we use in Ti for the D-Plus. They call their concept the Chimera and ours is the Modal.

steel era rear

Nice touch with their named stamped into the dropout

The clunky tugger seems out of place on an otherwise elegant frame and we’d paint it instead of show the weld discolorations, but Starfuckers want you to know it’s steel and therefore real. That’s how they popped on my radar a few years ago, when spotted in a SoCal strip mall. I was like well that ain’t no cheap-ass, mail-order fixie is it?

zero offset fork 2.jpg

Nope. They’ve also got a bulldog in a bakfietsens.

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