Starcrossed Running

My bike wasn’t going good at Starcrossed, so I started running, and people were cheering so I ran more, and I just kept running until someone told me to stop

Starcrossed: Run it In

This Fellow Fell off

Starcrossed: Bunny Hop Fail

Mark didn’t crash

Mark V at Starcrossed. Did Not Crash

Pam raced with 109 women

109 Women at Starcrossed

Lemme tell you ‘bout mud. There’s sticky mud, gooey mud, manure mud, Land o’ Lakes mud; moist mud, dry-hay mud; and UCI-category-2, Supa-Fast-French Dude mud


and the Fans, of course.


More photos and report from CX Magazine.

Tech Note

The Hugga Hodala bike was built up the night before by Mark and we had to make due with the wheel choices at hand. I knew that was a risk racing it, but hey it’s single speed … so I went for it. Mark explains what happened:

We converted a 120mm O.L.D. wheel/hub to 135mm, but needed a solid axle at least 187mm in length. Longest one on hand at the shop was 174mm.  Thus we had to turn the tracknuts flange out to get the threads to engage on the axle, which prevented us from tightening them really hard and also robbed the track nuts of grip on the stainless steel dropout plates. Of course, those cool stainless plates are part of the reason why the dropouts are stupid thick. The dropout adjusters rattled out without a locknut on them, and when another rider rode into your wheel, it knocked it cockeyed, and you didn’t have tools to fix it on the course.

For 2 laps, I thought I was just pushing a tractor through the grass out there, wondering WTF was going on. Brakes weren’t rubbing and then an official said he was going to pull me, my response was, “Oh no you’re not and I started running.” Like a battle wound, the frame has a nice rub mark, down to the metal, on the inside of the chainstay.

As I tweeted, appreciate all the cheers out there. Especially Terry Buchanan, who promotes Starcrossed, and yelled, “go to go faster than that!”


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