SSCX in the Mist with RWD Images

Our mobile readers may have already noticed that we started serving RWD images today like these of a Redline SSCX in the mist at Sea Otter.

redline sscx 1


The images are widescreen and will fill the screen of your phone or tablet in portrait or landscape mode. To see it on your desktop, click through to the mobile version.

redline sscx 3


RWD is the web designer/dev de rigeuor and for those into that, read more about what we’re doing in a G+ post. Everyone else, please just enjoy the images formatted for your device and our commitment to content. After we get our mobile site how we like it, a rev is coming to the desktop that’s focused on being more readable.

Oh and that’s a custom spec Redline. I’ll race on it this Fall when Cross season starts.

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