SRAM’s doesn’t go to 11

Word out on the interwebs is that SRAM Red will NOT go to 11sp in 2013, apparently content to let their customers fall behind Campagnolo and Shimano users…..IN THE COMPETITION TO WEAR OUT THEIR DRIVETRAINS FIRST!!!

Hurrah! for SRAM. I remember when Campagnolo introduced 11sp, they said that it was because their customer base had been asking for more speeds….really?…..really? What douchebag says,”I could have totally won today, but I didn’t have the 18tooth cog in my 11-25 10sp cassette. I need 11sp”?

Going from 7sp to 8sp was good, but 9sp to 10sp was marginal. From 10sp to 11sp is almost imperceptible, certainly not enough to change the whole landscape of my cycling experience. But while there are obviously diminishing returns on performance for adding more cogs to the rear, drivetrain service is straight up plummeting with 11sp chains compared to 10sp.

And enjoy replacing those paper-thin 11sp titanium cogs, Dura Ace and Campagnolo users!

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