SRAM replacement brake hoods

For the hopelessly vain among SRAM users, the company offers replacement hoods in a variety of colours for their Double Tap levers. Unlike some other aftermarket hood manufacturers, these candied lever cozies are genuine issue, identical in every way but hue to the originals. Unfortunately, the more interesting colours are only available with SRAM’s own soft foam bar tape (“Super Cork”), and since my vanity is only exceeded by bar tape snobbery, I’ll probably toss the tape. Or not. I’m still waiting for the SRAM Rival to put on my mini velo Gios, so I have plenty of time to flip flop on the decision.

SRAM replacement hoods and Super Cork tape retail as a set for $40, and will fit Rival, Force, and Red levers. Current colors available are white, red, black, yellow, and pink.

SRAM pink hoods.jpgIf SRAM asked you to decide the next colour, what would your choice be? I’m thinking Astana blue would be good.

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