Sportiiiis Heads-Up Display

My inbox has been filling up with press releases from CES and I was waiting for one to pop and boom here it is, a heads-up display for cyclists from 4iiii Innovations.

The Sportiiiis (maybe could used one more I in the name) connects to ANT+ devices to show your performance data and ok, sounds good, but HUPs are used in motor sports now. F1 courses are mapped out to the meter. So a couple generations ahead, I expect cyclists could also map out a TT or climb. The HUP would show the turns, rises, and descents ahead of time. The cyclist could then choose the right gear, power output, position and shave some seconds off their time.

For commuters, that means a rear-view safety cam too and for the weekend warriors? Your Bros are going to think that setup is giving you an unfair advantage, as you punish them on the climbs.

We’re not at CES this year, but asked +Robert Scoble to check it out.


Richard from Cyclelicious just mentioned the HUPS were at Interbike and both of them missed their booth. Here’s a promo video from Sportiiiis.

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