Specialized to Australia and New Zealand

Chris Matthews, Global Integrations Manager for Specialized wrote from the Sydney airport to tell us about expanding Down under and to New Zealand:

So I’m here in the Sydney airport, we’re in the middle of a multi-city tour in Australia and New Zealand along with Prez Mike Sinyard, Women’s Brand Manager Rachael Lambert, and our new local crew to meet with dealers and let them know our plans. We’re stoked to be here, super exciting to be going direct in this market. Starting with 2011 product, the new Specialized Australia and Specialized New Zealand offices will be selling to a new network of both current and new dealers. If anyone needs more detail, they should refer to www.specialized.com/feb10 – or contact either market leader. We’re currently looking for some key staff positions too. As an added bonus: this is a rad place to ride bikes. Tons of riders, seems to be a safe place to ride, and lots of full bike racks everywhere we’ve been so far. And holy crap we sure have a ton of Australian talent on our roster: Sam Hill, Allan Davis, Stuart O’Grady, Chris “Macca” Mccormack…there are a ton of fast guys down here! way cool.

One tip from us is that the accents between those two countries are NOT the same. Do not mistake them!

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