Specialized Tarmac 15: a New Platform


27.2 without a periscope seat tube

So how does Spesh make their racing road bike compliant? The layup of course, tuning it to reduce chatter, and a 27.2 seatpost with the no periscope seat tube…while the rest of the story about the new Tarmacs is being written for Issue 12 our magazine, here are a few more pics from the launch and the rest are on G+.

wedge binder

Wedge bolt binder

What’s important about this Tarmac generation is it’s a new platform for Spesh, that’s antichatter and smooth. Stiffer, faster, size-tuned sure, but mostly like a Tarbaix or a Crux you can ride all day. And we did!

ready to ride again

Back at the beach house

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