Specialized Sponsors Astana – Great For Team, Bad For Jersey Fashion

In news that’s just now officially breaking, Specialized has announced that it will be sponsoring Astana in the 2010 season. That’s great news for Tour champ Alberto Contador, who is the remaining friendly face on the team after Lance took a walk to Team ‘Shack taking his bike sponsor with him. (Trek, the company you might have heard mentioned in Tour broadcasts of old had won quite a number of yellow jerseys under Astana rides, Discovery riders before them and Posties before that.)

Unfortunately though for anyone who has any fashion sense, the Astana jersey has now gained the red colors of Specialized because really, nothing goes together better than light blue, yellow and red. Please, please god let this be just a working jersey while the fashion enlightened over at Specialized are working on their final versions.

Otherwise Lance and Alberto won’t just be battling for top spot on the podium but for the honors of most distracting jersey.

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