Speaking of Saddles

I was complaining about selling a saddle on eBay

“You would not believe the amount of questions selling a saddle generates on Ebay. Prolly 4 different Japanese fetishes wrapped up in them.”

and all the strange questions I was getting and Carlton Reid sent me a photo of this weird Hamoc saddle he got on test and eventually sold on eBay. You can just imagine the comments that listing got.

Below is Carlton’s Hamoc story. I think it looks less like a saddle and more like a medieval hammer for beating skulls or mashing grain.


Is that a banana on your bike or are you just pleased to see me?

The Hamoc saddle of the early 1990s was not a commercial success.

“Most women have reservations when testing the saddle, due to the shape,” reported the website for Hamoc.

No shit, Sherlock.

The saddle came about after the male designer – since deceased – made a series of plaster casts of his girlfriend’s pelvic undercarriage. The Hamoc saddle was widely reported to be supremely comfortable for some women riders used to having their genitalia pummelled by traditional saddles.

But only some. For others the Hamoc saddle was far from comfortable. And got sniggers the world over.

I sold it eBay late last year, after dire threats from my wife. I didn’t have the heart to ask the new owner what she thought of it. At least, I think it was a she…

More Info from this rather long saddle article.

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