Sony Alpha 7C: Compact Full-frame Power

Sony Alpha 7C

Back from vacation in the smoky west to news of the Sony Alpha 7C launch. The Alpha 7C (preorder from B&H) is a compact full-frame camera. I’ll keep this post brief until I can better understand where this body fits in Sony’s full-frame lineup and their sensor market leadership. The launch happened live at 6 PDT, video embedded below. Note the BMX flatlander here.

What I know now is, the Sony Alpha 7C is sized like a much smaller APS-C (cropped sensor) body with the electronics of a larger full-frame. And, with the corresponding image and video output. Sony’s market research indicates there is a demand for a strongly spec’d body for vloggers and creators who want non-cropped sensor performance. Also, cyclists who want to stuff a full-frame camera into their jersey

In other words, a do-it-all well camera that fits in the palm of your hand like the RX series or 6500. Also, at a value price point of $1799. In comparison, the a7 III costs $1998. Nearly the size of a 6 series Sony, it’s has almost twice the sensor.

I personally prefer to shoot with a full-frame body. The ergonomics of APS-C don’t work well with my face, but certainly, understand where Sony is positioning themselves. My compact camera is the RXO and RX1R II, which I take everywhere with me as my second camera.

After all, Sony is a miniaturization company. It’s in the DNA and what they’ve done since they’re founding. The Sony Alpha 7C is a step-up camera from a phone and for a customers who think traditional DSLRS are too large.

Sony Alpha 7C Launch Specs

The Alpha 7C is the world’s smallest full-frame camera and so is the RX1, but the RX line does not have an interchangeable lens with a focal point shutter and IBIS. Here are the spec highlights.

  • Full-frame performance in a compact body: 20% smaller body, 30% smaller kit.
  • 24.2 MP BSI full-frame sensor for image quality
  • New compact shutter
  • 693 points focal plane phase-detection, covering 93% of the frame
  • Real Time Tracking AF with Human and Animal Eye AF, for those filming themselves and their pets for Instagram
  • 10 FPS with mechanical or electronic shutter
  • 4k 24p/30p with 6K oversampling, HLG/HLR, S-Log3/2 with 14 stops of dynamic range
  • 50axis IBIS
  • Wifi and USB-C connect, same as in the a7r IV
  • Magnesium alloy body with dust and moisture resistance.
  • Z100 battery

So, Sony has a camera for

  • Speed—a9 II , $4498 at B&H or Amazon
  • Resolution—a7r IV, $3198 at B&H or Amazon
  • Sensitivity—a7s III, 3498 at B&H or Amazon
  • General—a7 III, $1998 at B&H or Amazon

And, now one that’s a full-frame compact and strongly spec’d. It’s expected to ship in November.  I sure hope it’s not smoky then like it is now.

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