So I Yelled, Fawk All Y’alls!

D-Plus at the Cross workout spot

Even after Mark V warned me, I didn’t pay enough attention to the Avid Shorty Ultimate brake setup on the front. When the cable broke lose at the base of a very steep hill with a stop sign, I blew right through it between cars, one foot out, sliding sideways like Evil Knievel. Upon realizing I wasn’t dead and seeing the astonished look of the drivers who slowed to a stop, I yelled, “frack all y’alls and your cars!”

Like I planned to do that stunt.

I didn’t and it was scary. Also reminded me of those moments when you wish you weren’t distracted by something else. The Avid brake cable attaches with an in-line quick release/adjustor to a barrel inside the brake arm. If you’re not careful, you drop the quick-release/adjustor into the brake arm and think it’s set. It wasn’t in the barrel, just the arm, and broke loose when pulled on the descent.

After that traffic incident, I set the brake up properly, and went on to a safer first ride on the D-Plus and writing about that next.

Once adjusted correctly, re-tested the brakes here

The D-Plus is our latest #makebikes project and was designed and built here in Seattle. See “making of” photos.

Up on the shoulder for a first run

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