Snow Days

The snow day that wasn’t in Seattle, is now one today and while that’s slowing down our blog productivity (kids at Hugga HQ bouncing off the walls), it’s also generating much discussion on riding with studded tires, cleats, and riding indoors, especially with euro hotness.


Seattle PI in their ongoing coverage has this shot of a cyclist riding his bike in the snow, here’s another, and the Seattle Times has this video with a cyclist at 01:43.

Media defends cyclist

Ken Schram defends cyclists against license fees. Last year we called out Ken Schram for stirring up Seattle’s Bike Haters, so we found that report interesting.

World Bicycle Relief

A Double Bike Match fund raiser is going on right now through Friday with a goal of getting 200 bikes and helping 4,000 people. We gave to World Bicycle Relief last year.

Versus Survey

Following up on our post about Tour de France coverage in the States, Versus has a survey out. They also announced that they’re covering the Giro and Lance’s return to racing.

Bike Burrito

Dig it …

Bicycle Film Festival

The festival’s last stop was in Portland last week and 09 submissions are open.

Bright Bike Big City

bright_bike.jpgWith this material, ELVS, and LEDs, one could go out and ride at a thermonuclear level of brightness.

Snow bikes Uploaded by Bike Pilot | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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