Snow Cross

The esssence of Cross, what this sport is about, is not riding inside on rollers or trainers. It’s facing the elements and what the wind threw down from the trees the night before. While its popularity grows with athletes chasing UCI points on sponsored rides, a strong desire to stay fit when the ground is frozen and covered with snow is where it came from.

Bustle in your Hedgerow Old-timey cross racers

I enjoy racing as much as the next Bro, but also find riding dirt on a road bike relaxing and liberating. Get away from the computer with no number on your back, course tape, or fans handing up beer. Just riding in the trees.

snow_cross1.jpg New, natural barrier

We’re fortunate to have a nature reserve near our house and rode the trails today after the Snowpocalypse of 2010 arrived last night. Just us and the crusty snow.

snow_cross3.jpg Snow Cross Pam

I thought the Tufos would do well – rolling at about 25 PSI – and for the inch or two of snow they did. Sounded like I was riding over bubble-wrap. “Pop, pop, pop,” as the knobs punched threw the ice.

snow_cross2.jpg The Conquest with short wheelbase/high bottom bracket does well on trails with lots of debris and tight spaces between fallen trees.

Tomorrow if it snows more, we’ll ride an even knobbier tire. In the trees.

By ourselves.

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