Snow Clouds


Took this photo on a ride late yesterday before the snow arrived. Finished the ride with a few flakes falling on me and a few inches on the ground today. Realized when I took the photo that trainer rides would happen over the next few days and statused Facebook with

Would rather get dropped a 1000 times at Seward then ride the trainer.

Seward is our local Thursday night World Championships. I’m just not into the trainer and never have been. I think it’s mostly because I work from a home studio and need to get out of the house. When I ride, I disconnect, and clear my head. I also don’t ride with computers on my bike. I spend about 60 hours a week on the computer and need a break. The last thing I want to do is measure my joules when I’m just riding – racing is another matter. I do like having an iPhone with me and use it for photos and GPS routes. Spin class? Whatever.

I’ve known cyclists that will watch a tour tape and ride a trainer for hours. How about you? Do you hate the trainer or sweat it out for hours on end?

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