Snow Biking with Smith Recons

Smith Recons

Snow Biking with Smith Recons

Sun Valley is the home of Smith Optics and while here snow biking and talking about Dent, I rode with a pair of their Recons. While designed for skiers and snowboarders, I want the HUP tech on the bike, in a wrap-around shield lens like their Pivlocks. At a glance, I saw my speed, duration, and elevation. With a few hacks to connect to ANT+ devices, it could show HRM, power, and cadence. The Recons have a social share feature that I didn’t get into on the groomed trails or single track. If they make a Recon for the bike (I strongly encouraged them to do so), expect a Strava account login and quantifying your performance in real time. Considering the amount of time bike companies are spending with car companies, like McLaren, I’m sure HUPs are being tested for aero helmets. We reviewed the Sportiiis last year and were not that impressed. Wired Playbook reviewed the Smith Recons last year at their Winter Snow Camp.

Riding near Mt Baldy

Riding in the shadow of Mt. Baldy

Without Smith’s helmet and the speakers that rest in the ear pads, I didn’t get to try the bluetooth audio that connects to your smartphone library, but want that too. HUP displays for bikes just aren’t there yet, but the Recon is.

Explaining the single track snow flow

Considering how technical it is to ride a 5-inch wide tire on an 8-inch wide single track, having ride data in a HUP is very desirable. One bobble off the track and you’re hip deep in powder or face planting down the slope.

Single track photos: Steve Butler. Recon photo: Chopper.

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