Sitka for Thanksgiving

Cross Mountain

Sitka Sunrise

Before arriving in Sitka, for more than a month, we stocked up to go ‘into the black’ by the end of the year. We’re one of the many small business on Amazon and featured on their homepage and in a free book.

While here, we’re shooting sunrises, sunsets and this is one of our favorite places to ride. While it’s only a 14 mile loop, the roads and bridges are all new. They don’t fatbike here, cause there’s not much snow, but regular, old mountain bike on ATV trials.


Russian Blockhouse

While not my favorite thing to do, I’m running through the many parks they have in Sitka and the old Russian graveyard where we found this blockhouse and gravestones.


Sitka Sunset

Also keeping an eye out for eagles….

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