Sir Richard Branson Rides a Bike

On a Twitter still angry about American politics, it was nice to see Richard Branson mention the bike. I shared his tweet, Jason Gay replied, and so did he. Branson crashed hard in 2016.

And, got right back up to ride. The story Sir Richard shared was his top-ten tips. Those include

  • If you live in the hills or you ride in the wet I’d recommend disc brakes. Andy also put me on to Sram Etap automatic gears, which I absolutely love using.
  • You may not look as cool with a helmet on but don’t be a helmet and wear one! It saved me when I went over handle bars and has saved a number of friends when they’ve had accidents.
  • Carry a decent small pump, inner tubes and tyre levers at all times and make sure you know how to change an inner tube. Best to ride wide tyres for comfort.
  • For big trips use electrolytes in 50 per cent of your drinks, not just in water. Take food but not a picnic and eat small amounts often. I think real foods are the best.

I agree the most with eating real food on a ride. Once I stopped racing, and riding for pleasure, that was the first thing I did (besides not carrying a cycling computer) and eat a sandwich with a coke and feel way better on the bike.

The article is promoting Virgin’s Strive Challenge, that’s a Fondo. While they haven’t announced the 2019 edition yet, 2018 raised over a million pounds for Bike Change, a charity setup by Branson’s children.

We’ve all come together to strive for Big Change, the social impact accelerator co-founded by my children, which helps young people thrive in life and not just exams.

It’s focusing on thriving at life. If you follow Sir Richard on Twitter, that’s what he’s all about.

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