Single speed no more – NEXUS!


I finally have my geared option for my One One Pompino cyclocross bike. I worked with Scotty down at uBRDO to finally dig up a Shimano Nexus 8 Speed hub and convert my single/fixed cross bike into sunny day road cruiser. I’ve been planning on doing this for quite some time, but was re-engerized to make the move after seeing the Hiawatha Cyclery bike.

As for the details, I re-spaced the hub down to 123mm by removing a bunch of the unecessary spacers so that it would work with my track spacing (120mm). The steel frame easily accomodates the 3mm difference. The reason I’m so big on this is that I can swap out the wheel to go back to single speed of fixed in just a few minutes. All that is required is to snip a couple zip-ties and slide out the HubBub/shifter and I’m ready to roll.

I am one of those guys who won’t ride his race bike until February, but there’s plenty of sunny days in December that I’m looking forward to riding the new rig!

Nexus Shifter mounted on the “HubBub” bar converter:<br/> Nexus<br/> <br/> Nexus<br/> <br/> The Drivetrain:<br/> Nexus<br/> <br/> Nexus<br/>

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