Sinclair’s new A-bike to hit British market this summer

Forget the C5: Sinclair has reinvented the bike – Sunday Times – Times Online

Priced at less than £200, weighing about 12 pounds, Clive Sinclair’s newest folding bike is expected to come to market in Britain in July. The whole rig can be unfolded in about 15 seconds, and uses wheels less than 6” in diameter.

Sinclair thinks he’ll sell 100,000 the first year in Great Britain alone, before turning his attention to Japan and the United States. A London cyclist quoted in the Times article says the bike looks well-suited to quick jaunts like a city commute between a subway station and job.

“It’s obviously not a bike for long journeys, but I can see an application for small journeys. It’s extremely light and easy to carry.”

Here’s a story from Gizmodo in 2004 with a picture of the strange-looking prototype. I think I would feel like I was riding a tripod instead of a bicycle on one. It seems like those little wheels are going to have trouble when they hit the real world.

On the other hand, these could be awesome rides around the shop floor in big factories.

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