Sidis Galore!

Byron’s wife Pam just bought a pair of Sidi Dominator 5 for touring and cyclocross. She has a long way to catch up to me. Here I have the five Sidis that I currently use (2 for the summer, and three for the other nine months of Seattle wet dreariness) and the two pair that I have worn out. I have another pair of all Lorica Sidi Dominators sitting pristine in a box.

Sidis Galore.jpg

I’ve never worn out a pair of Sidi road shoes; I sold my original Genius 3’s when I got Sidi Energy shoes in 2001. I still have the Energy, plus a pair of limited edition Ergo Signo that I bought because the were shiny. But I wear out the velcro on my Dominator shoes. I have some velcro straps I scavenged off a pair of shoes that a customer discarded after his great Dane chewed them apart. When I get the chance, I’m going to see if the shoe repair store around the corner can swap out the straps. If so, then I could keep 3 pair of Dominator shoes on rotation during the rainy season. Yeah, one pair on my feet, one pair at my apartment, and one pair at my girlfriend’s. That way I never have to wake up in the morning and have to wear wet shoes.

Also see Byron’s ancient shitty shoes.

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