Shoes for the Mavic Mac Daddy

The shoes shown here have a Salomon influence with lots of attention to detail. The jackets, jerseys, and shorts all share Arcteryx influences with many nice touches and details – like a jacket sleeve with a watch port.

As we learned at the release party, the clothing isn’t under the Adidas brand and without that umbrella over their head, the design team really did their home work. They produced a very technical, thoughtful, and performance-oriented line. The line offers the lightest shoe on the market and it’s surprisingly light in the hand (like the first time you held a carbon bar). There’s soul in these products and you can tell.

Summary: It’s apparel and shoes to match the most Mac Daddy Mavic wheel.

For those designers into brand, very interesting to see how Mavic positioned a new line with its own mark. At first, when I saw the “techno-M” I thought, “oh no, they rebranded the Mavic oval!,” but later their marketing director set me straight.

Mark is working on HD video and more photos and his reports. As you’ll see the line shares SSC markings and lots of wheel influence and spans high-end road to mountain and urban. They didn’t show the new pedals.

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