Serfas USB – Reviewed

I love bike lights, and I have a bit of a habit of picking up lots of them. I’ll try and review some of the ones that I’ve liked of late.

I’m at the point where if I’m riding this time of year (and for the next few months) then I’m riding at least somewhat in the dark. It’s either commuting or early morning weekend rides. This morning I rolled out at 6:30 and needed headlights for most of the first hour+. I bought the Serfas USB because it’s small, rechargeable at my computer, and it doesn’t take up much handlebar space.

Serfas USB:

I like the 2 flash modes for city riding and it makes a good secondary light to grab drivers attention. It’s not enough to light my own way on the solid beam so I probably won’t use that mode. The one thing I didn’t like was the clear top meaning I see the flashing too (although not directly line of sight). I may have to break out some electical tape and wrap that.


The USB charge pretty simply. It was a little hard to plug it into my desktop because the bike mount got in the way, but for my laptop it was simple. The USB stick looks a little flimsy and the cover isn’t water tight so hopefully the second charge will go as well as the first. I charged it today and it turned on no problem so I image we’re good.

Overall, it really does what I’m after for a small light and not having to replace batteries is a big plus for me in a small front flasher.

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