Seen at Interbike: Hutchinson Tubulars


Toro CX

Tucked these tubulars away in a suitcase after meeting with Hutchison Tire at Interbike last week. They’re seen here outside the shop were Mark V has them stretching on a rim and ready to glue up. Note the treads and most importantly, a rubberized sidewall. For where we ride, that’s mandatory. Exposed cotton sidewalls you have to treat with tent sealant just doesn’t seem right to me, here in a region where it rains so much. We’re running Tufos, a couple Challenges, and now these too.

Hutchinson brought them back to the States after a long absence and good. We need more choices and they feel like a fine pair of Italian shoes in your hand (if made of rubber).

Considering how massive Hutchinson is, as a company, these were made cause a product manager also wanted better CX tires in the States. Check with your LBS for availabilty. The MSRP is 119.99.

Hutchinson is in the sport, cause they love it. Like you and me.

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