Seen at Eurobike: Thule’s Pack ‘n Pedal


That’s one loaded up whip

Thule launched Pack ‘n Pedal today. That’s a modular platform that includes a new handlebar mount with various accessories and high-end panniers with racks from their recent acquisition Freeload. Inside the panniers are hardshell zones to protect electronics and the bags are attached with magnets.

magnets, how they work?

Held with Magnets


Thule’s new handlebar mount

To market the new line, Thule made a series of six documentaries about cyclists called, “How I Roll.”

Thule committing that level of budget, industrial design, and marketing to a new line is a strong indication of the continued growth of cycling and Thule’s belief in the bike. Very interested by Pack ‘n Pedal, we’ve requested samples and should have the bags by Interbike.

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