Seems so long ago…Interbike Industry Cup

Team BikeHugger

I’m not usually one to bail on a race for being too sketch, but with 2 laps to go I was one of the 20 or so “survivors” who made it to the end of the race in the lead group, but it just wasn’t worth the skin. I attacked up the straightaway and fizzled quickly. After that it was time to pull the plug and spectate. Turn 1 was CRAZY for crashes.

I did the Pro race as well – at least 20 minutes of it. It was actually a safer race with everything lined out single file, but still way too many guys loosing their front wheel in that first turn. Crashes would happen and gaps would open. Oh well – I was happy to retire to the BikeHugger Mobile Social and watch the colorful blur roll past. What an event!

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