Sectors and EA90XD for Off-Road Adventures

Sector with Easton

Sectors on Easton’s for off-road adventure

The Hutchinson Sectors are best described as like putting radial, all-season tires on your sports car that’ll last 80,000 miles and probably not flat. Ride these on gravel, poor roads, and appreciate the bounce in the sidewall. For a commute, or road miles, choose the Intensives instead because they won’t pogo you down the road. I’m running the reinforced Intensives with the Reynolds for the pavement and maintained gravel, not forest roads or primitive conditions. When I rode with Reba this summer in rocks and dirt, where gravel is used to patch the severely washboarded road, these are the tires I wanted because they are dependable and tubeless. If there was ever a niche of a niche for a bike product to succeed in, it’s adventure riding where you don’t want to stop repeatedly for pinch flats.

For the particulars, though these tires say “28” they measure 27mm on Easton’s’ 24-25mm rims. IE, on Shimano rims (20mm) they’d measure 25mm at most. The EA90XD rims (wider than their road tubeless) are pumping up the volume. The tires look huge on the Eastons and while we set these wheels up for off-road they are the 11-speed, disc road wheel cyclists have been expecting. It took 2 months for a demo pair to get to us because of demand and they compete with Hed’s new tubeless, disc wheel that we want to ride too.

As I said about the Reynolds with clinchers, we don’t race tubeless in the Pacific Northwest course conditions, but you certainly could and the EA90XDs are a race-ready wheelset. Easton is marketing them for Cross, but we’ll take the easy to work on, bombproof design, and $900.00 price point for our next off-road adventure.

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