Secret and No Cyclocross Training

If you’ve got a Cross scene in your area, you’re likely either training now or hearing about Cross clinics. That’s where you practice dismounts, barriers, running, and so on. Some racers take Cross very seriously and others just for fun. We’re somewhere in between and practice in secret

and Eric (in his off-season largess, below) has a special work out, as he described it

It’s really low key and for everyone. especially if you have no intention of riding a bike. details below:


What: The “I Don’t Want to Stick A Fork in My Eye, But I’ll Drink Beer and Watch Others Stick A Fork In Their Eye” ‘cross workout**
When: Saturday September 18, 2010
Time: Sometime after 3:00PM or whenever
Where: Marymoor Velodrome Infield, Beer Garden
Why: Track is over, the road season is over, beer is good and we can cheer-on many of our friends (and my wife!) who will be happily partaking in the dirty festivus 
Requirements: $ for beer, have some good boots to wear in case there’s mud, a vuvuzela or other obnoxious noisemaker,  a will to have beer or just be around those who like beer.

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